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Kick a UTI without going to the doctor.

Integris Virtual Visit

Nothing can put a damper on your day quite as quickly and unexpectedly as a urinary tract infection (UTI). To make matters worse, once you get a UTI, antibiotics are usually the only way to clear it up quickly. And who wants to leave the house when you’re feeling that bad?

Luckily, INTEGRIS Virtual Visit is standing by with doctors and nurse practitioners online 2​4/​7 to help diagnose what’s going on and even prescribe antibiotics if it’s a bladder infection or UTI.

Just remember, it’s important to have a primary care physician to care for you on a regular basis – especially if UTIs are a frequent problem. Click here or call (405) 552-0345 and we'll help you find the right doctor for you.


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Integris Virtual Visit

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