Stand United
We surround our community’s most critical problems and find every dollar we can to address them.


United Way of Central Oklahoma is creating lasting change that lifts our whole community through programs that address our community’s most critical needs. By bringing people and organizations together around our Five Focus Areas, we impact thousands of lives.

We ensure our donors receive the maximum impact for their charitable investment, while maintaining the highest level of accountability. Each year, donor volunteers oversee the distribution of United Way dollars through an annual process called Community Investment. Approximately 200 volunteers not only donate monetarily but also donate their time to review funding requests from local programs hoping to receive United Way support. They carefully assess program proposals, financials, performance history, and outcome measurement data in order to recommend funding to our Board of Directors.


United Way of Central Oklahoma funds 119 programs administered by 58 accountable Partner Agencies. With reliable data, these agencies have proven that they are addressing critical needs and achieving measurable results.


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2018 Give Campaign Video


United Way of OKC Location

United Way of Central Oklahoma

1444 NW 28th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73101
Phone: (405) 236-8441
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