New tools are coming.
Starting December 1, INTEGRIS will be transitioning to a new patient portal called INTEGRIS & Me. We know that the use of your online portal, MyINTEGRIS, is important to you, so we wanted you to be aware of the changes that are in store.

INTEGRIS & Me is a more personalized approach to managing your health and your health care, with a powerful suite of new online tools designed to serve your unique health care needs. Request appointments. Pay your bills online. Send secure messages to your INTEGRIS health team, talk to a doctor or nurse practitioner wherever and whenever you need to and so much more.

You can use your MyINTEGRIS username and password to access INTEGRIS & Me. All you need is your new 15-character activation code. Look for it on your patient visit summary from your physician or your next billing statement from any visit after December 1. You can also get it by calling (844) 843-1500 starting December 1.

MyINTEGRIS will not be accessible after January 1, 2016, so we encourage you to visit soon to familiarize yourself with the new portal. Your health records will not be lost or deleted. You can access your health information dating back to January 1, 2015 on INTEGRIS & Me. Or, if you would like to see records from visits before January 1, 2015, please call (877) 778-7211.